Graduate - Systems Studio

Winter 2014

Alina Granville
Katie Marcyan

Christina Hansen
Julia McMurrough


The proposal of the Systems Studio is to address the design of a student housing complex located at the University of Michigan's north campus. The site is about 25 acres and houses a minimum of 1,000  students with majors in Architecture, Art, Music and Engineering. Although all these majors study at the north campus facilities there is little to no interaction within the disciplines because the facilities are so segmented distant.

Focusing on collaborative spaces, diversity of living and social interactions, Spectrum embraces the great ideas that come from collaboration while revitalizing the social life of north campus. Featuring many amenities that go beyond just student housing Spectrum strives to become the new social hub of north campus inviting only the current students to collaborate but also students who do not currently reside or study on north campus. 




Project Concept Video


Site Studies


Site Plan


Building Massing and Floor Plans


Site and Building Sections


Three Dimensional Views and Renderings


              Typical Floor Plan Axo


Site Model Pictures