Undergraduate - Elective

Winter 2013

Andres Marin
Jawwad Nakai
Sean Mengyue Niu

Karl Daubman


The goal of the robotic fabrication class to complete a series of exercises that taught students the software and limitations that came with using the robots as a fabrication tool. Each assignment worked on one aspect of using the robots, along with exporting code from the SuperMatter tools software students were taught to troubleshoot errors and maneuver around problems the robots would run into. 

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Assignment 1: Picture Perfect

Use the robot to create a long exposure picture. 


Assignment 2: An Artistic Robot

Using Grasshopper to simulate water flowing on the designed surface, make the robot draw the water simulation paths with a custom designed tool.


Assignment 3: Stacking Re-Thought

With a custom designed tool, use the robot to create a stacked construction of cups. No pyramids allowed. 


Assignment 4: Argus Panoptes

The last assignment was up to the groups to decide. Our group decided to use the robots to make a paneled light surface from prodding melted plastic with out designed tool. The deeper you push the tool the more transparent the plastic becomes thus creating variations in light intensities.