Graduate - Networks Studio

Fall 2013

Leigha Dennis

Located in Highland Park, Detroit the project Play.House. looks at the current state of families in the area and works to facilitate the living of single mothers with children. With single mother families being the majority of the residents of Highland Park  the house focuses on everyday spaces that can be transformed to engage the mother and child in play while also keeping the spaces open for constant interaction between mother and child. The project looks at the house through the lens of the mother and that of the child resulting in very different perspectives on the spaces of everyday living. While the dining table might be seen as a place to eat for the mother it can also be seen and transformed into a stage for the child, the spaces now become multi-functional just because of the different perspectives.

Research indicates that play is being lost in today's busy schedules and the need to excel in academics. Although many do not see the benefits on play in a child and adults life it is proved one can lean a lot about a person and also pretty much anything though the actions of playtime. 

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation    -Plato



Site Analysis - Highland Park


Social Analysis - Families and the State of Play


Dual Perspectives

Floor plans seen though the lens of the mother and the child. Visibility diagrams showing the interconnection of the spaces in the house.


Model Pictures

Physical Model of the House


Play for All

A playground for the community, featuring a safe space for creative playground culture.