Undergraduate - Design Studio 7

Fall 2011

Cassondra Dennett
Jihan Elabbadi
Natalia Zea

Thomas McPeek

Located in Baltimore, MD this high rise community project looks at the importance of the harbor in the city of Baltimore. The harbor has shaped the economy, lifestyle and history of the region with its import and export industry. Once one of the strongest trading ports the harbor and should be taken into great consideration when designing the project since the project site is so close to the Inner Harbor area. 

Today the harbor is a major hub of activities and promotes not only an animated night life but it also serves the area with daytime activities and space for recreation. The design idea of the high rise project was exactly that of harbor, to draw people in and promote activities all day long, providing the community with their needs around the Inner harbor area.

The high rise complex houses an office building, a large garage to accommodate all the guests and residential tower that shares space with a hotel and retail. It also features many green spaces and views of the harbor connecting the project with the Inner harbor area lifestyle. 


Site Selection and Concept Drawings 


Floor Plans

Sections and Elevations


Renderings  and Massing