Undergraduate - Design Studio 5

Fall 2010

Jason Towers

the Fluid Spaces project required students to go out into the Florida landscape and pick a site that portrayed the feel and experience of the county assigned to them. Given the country of Citrus, Florida we set out to explore the landscape, city and topography of this unique Florida area. It was plain to see that the area was riddled with the idea of filtration. Filtration became eminent in every structure, from the road systems to the rivers to the forests. The way the roads filtered people from the busy main highway out into the almost deserted residential areas. The river that filters though the city widening in some areas and also becoming nothing more than a series of small streams along the edges of the landscape and also the forests that filtered the light of the sun onto the damp ground underneath the canopies.

The most fascinating sight however is the way in which the light filtered through the many forest and vegetation canopies that are found almost everywhere in the low population county of Citrus. The site selected incorporated all these methods of filtration and brought the idea to the project. The program of a bath house was to then be placed on this site. 


Site Selection and Concept

Floor Plan and Water Paths


Physical Model